Purple Sugar Girl 1

100x142cm, oil on canvas

Family Tree

80x120cm, diptych, oil on canvas

Sudden Spring

100x100cm, oil on canvas

Winter Walk

100x140cm, oil on canvas

Love Letter

73x94cm, oil on linen

Glowing Whin

100x140cm, oil on linen

I just hate Chocolate!

70x90cm, oil with cacoa on canvas

Motus animi continuus

33x160cm, oil on canvas


70x70cm, oil on canvas

The "Hero's" Mother

30x196cm, oil on elm

Homage to an Ex

50x60cm, oil on canvas


50x60cm, mixed technique on canvas

School Class 1950

oil on wood

Venus of War

38x60cm, oil on elm

Oil Paintings on Old Whiskey Staves

each ~10x85cm

The Madhouse

45x180cm, oil on elm


82x101cm, oil on canvas

Oil Paint and Gold on Whiskey Stave


Sounds of the Meadow

120x100cm, oil on canvas

Dhu Loch Winter Sunset

40x40cm each, 6 paintings, oil on canvas

Winter at Loch Clunie

42x42cm each, triptych, oil on linen

1957 - A Family Story

50x61cm each, triptych, oil on linen

11th Century - Birnam - Scotland - Witch's Recipe - Macbeth

100x100cm, oil on linen

Butterfly Brain

41x50cm, oil on elm


120x140cm, oil on canvas

Framed Receipts

different sized small frames, series of 20 pictures, ink drawings on paper

Funeral of the Ruke 1

40x170cm, diptych, oil on elm

Graveyard of Bitter Oranges

40x170cm, oil on elm

Moss with Birch

40x73cm, oil on elm


60x100cm, acrylic on canvas

Northern Lights

30x66cm, 2 paintings, oil on elm

Pictish Birds

40x50cm each, diptych, oil with beewax on canvas

Picts in Love

120x40cm, oil with beewax on canvas

Purple Sugar Girl 2

100x140cm, oil on canvas

Religious Icons

45x50cm, oil on elm

Shooting Star

60x70cm, oil on canvas

The Lawyer

35x50cm, oil on canvas


oil on wood

Wedding of the Jellyfish

120x180cm, oil on canvas

Wedding of the Merman

60x100cm, oil on canvas

Winter with Robin

100x140cm, oil on canvas

X-Ray of DNA

61x122cm, oil on jute


40x40cm, oil on linen